Promoting the delivery of services, opportunities, and resources to help our local families thrive.

Email: info@hopeloft.com

Phone: 856-243-5810

Address: 40 E. Commerce St.
                 Bridgeton, NJ, 08302

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Hopeloft houses people and projects dedicated to solving serious social problems.

We are located in downtown Bridgeton — an area in need of leadership and innovation. Bridgeton has one of the lowest college attainment rates in the nation at just 3.2%, the second-worst job market in America, houses 30% of New Jersey's entire incarcerated population within five correctional facilities, and has the highest rates of child abuse and neglect in the state.

Hopeloft is embedded in this community to bring about change. Together, we are working to forge new college and career pathways for children and families living in Bridgeton; our projects and our people are challenged to rethink what is possible and to imagine a future where every child can go to college, get a good job, achieve their dreams, and give back.

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

Nelson Mandela