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Culminating on the U.N. International Day of Peace, #BeKind21 is an initiative from Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and invites us all to kick off the new school year by establishing kinder habits with a spirit of compassion and kindness across organizations and in our communities.

This year Hopeloft will be participating in the campaign to encourage kindness and activism within our community. We invite you to join us all this month!

September 1st

Pick up litter in your community


September 2nd

Learn more about struggles youth in foster care face 

September 3rd

Buy a coffee or a lunch for a stranger

September 4th

Volunteer, donate, or spread the word about a local CASA

September 5th

Thank a local first responder

September 6th

Donate supplies for local foster youth’s duffel bags

September 7th

Write a thank you note for a CASA Advocate

September 8th

Share info about an organization or person making a difference in your community

September 9th

Support a local business

September 10th

Become a mentor for local youth

September 11th

9/11 Kindness through remembrance

September 12th

Support voices of local youth

September 13th

Learn one child's story about life in foster care

September 14th

Share a Blue Box with someone in need

September 15th

Make a meal for a CASA Advocate or family

September 16th

Say thank you or “shoutout” someone who has helped or inspired you

September 17th

Make PB&J for the hungry and decorate the bags with encouraging sayings and notes

September 18th

Show your support of local LGBTQ+ Youth

September 19th

Drop off treats to a local shelter, fire station, or health care facility

September 20th

Buy groceries for a local family

September 21st

Leave an inspiring note in your community to inspire more kindness!

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