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Due to COVID-19 our Sandwiches for the Hungry project is being done from home! Join us in making and distributing sandwiches for those in need within our communities. 

How it works:

  • Look through our list of participating locations (click the pink buttons, separated by county) who will accept sandwiches and choose the one that best fits your availability and location.

  • Contact desired location 24 hours prior to drop off (not mandatory but we suggest participants do this incase the location has already reached their quota for sandwiches that week). This also gives the pantry or outreach program a head start on how to plan for the distribution. 

  • Clean and disinfect area before making sandwiches. Wash hands well or wear gloves when making sandwiches

  • Pack the sandwiches in a brown paper bag (label the bag with type of sandwich). Feel free to decorate brown bags with designs, empowering quotes or uplifting messages

  • Add an additional snack with the sandwich (chips, granola bar, fruit, etc.) 

  • If you include a drink, make sure to pack the drink first, in order to not smash the sandwich and snack.

  • Take pictures of the process, bagged sandwiches and/or drop off and share on social media, tagging @hopeloft or email photos to This will help share the impact we are all making as a whole!

PB&J Sandwich Tip: Add a thin layer of peanut butter on both slices of bread and add jelly in the middle. This will help prevent the bread from getting soggy from the jelly. 

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