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Give Something Back is a national nonprofit that provides long-term coaching, career-based planning, financial guidance, and scholarship support to college-bound and career-bound youth who have experienced barriers to success.

This year, Give Something Back launched their Give Back Careers Program, with a focus on supporting youth along their unique pathways to career success.  


About Us

At Give Back, we are dedicated to helping as many youth as possible for as long as possible. We understand that everyone’s path to success is different, and we are committed to providing varied opportunities that best support the unique needs of our Give Back youth.


Through our coaching and support, our youth are empowered to secure the post-secondary degrees, certifications, credentials, licenses, and training necessary to begin a well-paying career within a variety of industries and fields.

Give Something Back is open to all Pell Grant eligible students in 8th grade and above, with priority placed on students who have experienced foster care, homelessness, or the incarceration of a parent. To learn more and get started with the application process, visit our website at

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