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Spa-lentines Day at Hopeloft!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hopeloft brimmed with serene faces and deep exhales yesterday as we celebrated a uniting “Spalentines Day,” our belated Valentine’s Day bash. Organized by Rosica Brown, Executive Assistant, Hopeloft’s Spalentine’s Day brought our team together to share a day of relaxation centered around team bonding. We were treated to restoration yoga, led by Eastern Sky Co-op’s Kay Delp; massages by Eastern Sky Co-op’s Joy Torres; and spa treatments courtesy of Stephanie’s Haven. And, of course, the day would not have been complete without some local treats—pizza from Big John’s, snacks from Self Love Vegan Café, and Kay’s own hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries.

“It was great to take a part of the day to focus within and re-center myself,” says Domenic Merendino, Director of Operations, who was so relaxed during yoga that he fell asleep.

While a calming break from our often hectic schedules, our Spalentine’s Day ultimately reminded us of the love and appreciation we share with each other and for the work we do in our community each day.

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