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Work with us: How Hopeloft is inspiring change remotely

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

All of our extra fuzzy "coworkers" helping us during this time

In this period of great uncertainty and panic with the continuous spread of the coronavirus, it is normal to feel lost, afraid, and anxious. But in these times of mass confusion, we can still find ways to work together to inspire change in our communities.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus and best protect our network and our community, our team at Hopeloft has transitioned to working from home. We believe that social distancing is crucial to minimizing the exponential spread of the virus, and we trust that our new and temporary changes are the safest and most beneficial responses for the prosperity of our community. Yet while our changes and closures may briefly impact the ways in which we give back, these changes do not prevent us from giving back.

While snuggling up with our furry friends, our team has still been hard at work and connecting with each other to ensure that we continue, as a whole, to provide our community with the tools they need to thrive, especially during this time of hardship.

“If Hopeloft is a place of people and programs dedicated to solving our most serious social challenges, then this is our moment. This is our call to action,”

says Melissa Helmbrecht, Founder of Hopeloft. “How do we provide value now more than ever before? This is the pervasive question on which I encourage us all to now reflect. How can we ensure that the crisis is an opportunity for us to be responsive, relevant, and useful? While it is true that many, many things will be put on hold in the coming weeks, we are uniquely positioned to provide our community with information and support during this time.”

Melissa has encouraged us to use these changes to help ourselves and our community. From home, she reminds us that we can still write grants and proposals that can impact the lives of the people we serve; finalize legal agreements, work on structural issues, and take time to dig into the challenges we face that require reflection, research, and planning; become experts on the resources that our community will need to recover; translate critical information for our Spanish speaking neighbors; and take a step back to see things in a new light, which fosters breakthrough thinking.

We can also take this time to work on bettering ourselves. We can read books, take online classes, meditate, exercise, learn a new skill, and spend time with our families at home.

“I feel really blessed to have a job that I can work remotely and still connect with my amazing co-workers during this time,” says Josie Davis, Director of Marketing at Hopeloft. “Everyone at Hopeloft is so committed to making a difference in the community, especially during these hard times, and it’s amazing to see how we’ve come together digitally!”

At Hopeloft, we are dedicated to impacting the lives of those around us and those in need, and we will continue to do so no matter the circumstances. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our community, and we believe that we can continue to work together to create a better world each day through teamwork, dedication, and love.

We will continue to share helpful resources and information on our blog and social media during this time, so check in regularly for updates.

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